Beck Diet Solution – October 22, 2012 – Monday Motivation

22 Oct

If you think, “Everyone else gets to eat normally, why can’t I?” Remind yourself that you ARE eating normally for someone trying to lose weight (or keep it off)! It’s important to change your definition of ‘normal’ eating and remember that your eating is 100% normal for someone with your goals.


Oh, Cod!

22 Oct

Yes, the fish.

This is how I know I’m serious about this weight loss effort.

I am sitting at my desk.  Eating Cod.  Now, understand this.  I don’t particularly care for fish.  I don’t hate it, but it’s never my first choice.  I’ve gotten better at appreciating a good grilled tuna or roasted salmon, but in general white fish leaves me feeling….blah.

You can’t get a whiter fish than Cod (okay, maybe Scrod, but what the hell is that anyway?).  Lunch in our Caf  today was either chicken parm or Cod.  The fact that, without hesitation, I went for the Cod says something.  And I am liking what it’s saying. 

I’m a follower of the Beck Diet Solution — it’s not about a specific diet (which is good, because I am a Weight Watchers gal through and through), but a wonderful program based on Cognitive Therapy and how to “think” like a thin person.  It’s definitely touched a nerve in me, as so much of my over-eating starts in my MIND and then moves to my MOUTH.

Well, taking that Cod, without the hemming and hawing I usually do over food choices was stone cold BECK at it’s finest.  Bottom line, do not get into an internal debate with yourself over food choices.  I get caught up in the “do I or don’t I” back and forth and sooner rather than later I will shoving chicken parm down my gaping maw.

It’s a simple, basic, no-nonsense, make your choice and move on.  No double quessing and rationalizing, your choice bouncing around your brain like a ping pong ball.  Nope, you just choose and then, that’s it.  Sounds almost too simply to work, and yet, for me, it does.  It gives me permission to MOVE ON and not spend countless minutes (hours) talking myself into and out of a certain food choice.  Sometimes I choose the not so good food choice, but I CHOOSE IT and MOVE ON.  I don’t beat myself up and more times than not I make the sane choice. 

So, today, there was Cod in my little take out container (along with cauliflower and braised broccoli rabe) and a sense, deep down inside of me, that I am on the right track.

And today, I weighed 226.2  ::::smile::::

And it only took me walking 60 miles in 3 days.

21 Oct

Last weekend I walked the Komen 3-day — 20 miles a day for three days.  Yes, that means that this middle aged, overwieght body walked 60 miles.  In three day.  And lived to post about it.  That, dear people, is a miracle.  The thought that I was about 30 pounds lighter this time last year did indeed run through my mind from time to time (read:  constantly).  My feet held up well….not many blisters.  My knees and hips, however, were a whole different story.

But while I was walking (limping is walking….what?….shut up…) those last few miles I believe I had an epifany….either that or it was a stoke.  Let’s go with the positve and call it a epifany.

Whatever it was I came to the brilliant conclusion that my life depends on my losing weight.  We’re not talking about getting into my high school jeans or being able to wear cute heals.  I’m talking about being able to continue to walk and move and  have the ability to live an active life as I hit the mid point of my 50’s.

I know…you would think it wouldn’t have taken something akin to the Battan Death March to get me to understand this.  But at least something finally did get through my hard head and I have taken up the challenge of losing weight, keeping it off and getting healthy.

In that light, I threw caution (and my pride) to the wind and took some before photos.  Now, really, to be honest, this is not my highest weight.  At one time I was about 37 pounds heavier (I know!  Insane, huh?)  However 230 seems to be a weight that I have flirted with for a long time.  Other than last March through August, when I actually dropped down to 195, I have never been able to get much below 210 and maintain.

So, on my scale this morning I weighed in at 227.8.   Short-term goals have always worked best for me, so I will set goals at 5 pound increments.  I  (plan to take photos, in the same outfit, every 10 pounds.  Ultimate goal is 150 (which is what Weight Watchers tells me I should be and the weight I need to be to be considered for employment as a WW Leader).

NEXT GOAL == 225

Hang on.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride…….


17 Jul

Welcome to my little world of sarcasm and snark and the perils of weight loss for a middle aged woman.  Most of what I post here is about my efforts at weight loss (usually involving gaining and losing the same five pounds and cursing the powers-that-be because of my lack of control of what I eat).

I also, at times, will bemoan the fact that I hate most people, most of the time and much prefer the company of my dogs.  I blame this entirely on having to take public transportation to and from work (thus having contact with the dregs of society at their worst) and that fact that most people (excluding my friends, usually) are asshats and need to be called on their asshattery at every possible opportunity.

But even hating most people, I am a bleeding heart liberal — and I take that title as an honor.  I believe in a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body and the idea, that as a nation, we need to provide a safety net for those less fortunate.  I feel the United States is far from the greatest nation on the face of the earth (although at times –okay, many times — I say we are to my Canadian friends just to piss them off and watch them try to be pissed off and polite at the same time) but that we can be if we could just sink the Tea Party and all it’s right-wing nut jobs to the bottom of the sea and help the Republicans reclaim their party.  I am not ruling out a bloody coup — I am a Scorpio, after all.

So, anyone following this blog, sit back, hold on and beware.  I love comments but I also hate to be disagreed with (see Scorpio comment) and while I will put up with some discussion into the fact that I might be wrong (dellusional) about some (many) things, if you get all rude up in my face I will call you a fucktard asshdouche and delete your comments.  Your mother should have explained to you that life is not fair.  And I am REALLY not fair.

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